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Marketed e-Book List Written by Jaja Zakaria

  1. E-book on Codification of Act Concerning General Provisions and Taxation Procedures (written in Indonesian language), 1194 pages. Price: US$ 30.
  2. E-book on Codification of Act Concerning Income Tax (written in Indonesian language), 1069 pages. Price: US$ 30.
  3. E-book on Codification of Act Concerning Value Added Tax (written in Indonesian language), 869 pages, Price: US$ 25.
  4. E-book on Double Taxation Agreement and It”s Implementation in Indonesia (written in Indonesian language), 747 pages, Price: US$ 35.
  5. E-book on Summaries and Collection of Regulation on Withholding of Income Tax (written in Indonesian language), 632 pages, Price: US$ 25.
  6. E-book on Taxation Treatment of Income tax and Value Added Tax on Service Businesses (written in Indonesian language), 597 pages, Price: US$ 25.
  7. E-book on Taxation of Expatriate Employee, Under Indonesian Income Tax and Under Double Taxation Agreement (written in English), 157 pages, Price: US$ 25.
  8. E-book on Highlight Withholding Tax System in Indonesia (written in English), 113 pages, Price: US$ 25.
  9. E-book on Taxation Treatment of Permanent Establishment (written in Indonesian language), 381 pages, Price: US$ 25.


The Price is exclude postage.

The procedure for ordering:

Orders can be submitted via e-mail, fax or phone. E-mail address:,, or Phone:  +62217988385.

E-book will be mailed if proof of transfer has been delivered to the e-mail address above and has been accepted. Payments are transferred to the account of: BCA No.: 8690045827, in the name of Jaja Zakaria, SH, M.Sc.

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